Individuals who wish to apply for the Cornell Academy Trainee can view application requirement page and apply directly online. The application requirements differ from programme and packages. All required information is stated on the job role’s page.

A wide variety of relevant job roles in emerging areas such as Food and Beverage, Retail, Business Management and Entrepreneurship capabilities including ESG(Environmental, social, and corporate governance), and more are available under the programme.

The ILT programme will apply to fresh school leaver, whereas MidCareer Advance Programme only covers new hires aged 40 and above.

The ILT programme is a full-time programme. The successful applicant will sign an employment cum training contract with the Cornell Academy prior to the commencement of the programme. Unemployed and employed professionals are welcome to apply.

The allowance range will commensurate with the trainee’s relevant qualifications and work experience, and, also dependent on the job scope and responsibilities.

Trainees will gain employment and receive a allowance while being equipped with in-demand industry skills. Under the programme, they will also get to work on projects guided by experienced mentors, gain in-depth industry exposure, and enhance their employability and career pathways in the industry.

The training duration is dependent on the complexity and skills required for each specific job role, and may last at least 3 years. The actual start date will be agreed upon between the successful applicant and the Cornell Academy, as stated on the contract. The successful applicant should commit to the start and end date that has been agreed upon in the contract and undergo the programme to the best of his/her abilities.

All applications are subject to the company’s / sponsors review and evaluation. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified by the Cornell Academy.

All applications are subject to the company’s / sponsors review and evaluation. Cornell Academy will reach out to shortlisted candidates directly. Please note that only selected candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Should a trainee decide to leave the company after starting the ILT training programme, the stipulated terms in the contract as agreed between the trainee and the Cornell Academy will apply. Termination by the trainees is not encouraged, as the programme is an opportunity for each trainee to gain competencies for in-demand industry roles. Cornell Academy and the company/sponsor have invested substantial resources to ensure that the trainee benefits from the programme. Therefore, it is important for each trainee to complete the programme.

Withdrawal is not encouraged as there is significant investment of time and effort invested by Cornell Academy and the company/sponsor. Should a trainee withdraw from his or her training programme before the programme start date, the stipulated terms in the contract would apply. Trainees may refer to their contract for details.

The objective of the programme is to enable local professionals to stay employed while being reskilled or upskilled via a companyhosted On-the-Job Training (OJT). Cornell Academy encourages participating companies to consider retaining suitable trainees after the programme period. Trainees who have completed the programme would have gained invaluable work experience and indemand relevant skills which will prepare them for future role. In the situation where employment is not continued by the company, Cornell Academy will work with career centres to help facilitate potential job placements.

Applications close when all the offered by the participating companies / sponsors have been filled.