About Cornell Academy

Industry-Led Training Programme is a structured development programme under the Cornell Academy initiative that aims to accelerate professional development for fresh and mid-career professionals through on-the-job training that is aligned to the Industry need. Trainees will be trained in emerging areas such as Food & Beverage, Retail, Business Management and Entrepreneurship capabilities including ESG(Environmental, social, and corporate governance), and more.

Malaysia Tourism Industry Scholarship

Take your first step towards an exciting career in the growing and thriving tourism industry. Empowering Possibilities in Cornell Academy with Tourism Industry Scholarship

What courses do we offer?


Cornell Academy ensures that interns learn basic Food & Beverage procedures such as proper ordering, receiving, storing, and issuing of food and supplies.

Business Management

Cornell Academy teaches interns about business management in the hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, events, cruises, entertainment, and other tourism-related services.


Cornell Academy prepares interns to welcome visitors from all over the world, collaborate closely with employees, and make new connections in your local business community in order to improve Entrepreneurship skills.


Trainees eligible for the Cornell Academy Programme must be:

  • Malaysian or Foreign individual approved by the Ministry of Malaysia.
  • Commit to completing the full training programme (Duration is 3 years).
  • Meet the hiring requirements of the companies/ sponsors.
  • Possess an SPM or O-Level or any other relevant qualifications or higher as determined by the Cornell Academy.

Get Started

If youʼre interested to pursue a career in Hospitality and F&B industry, hereʼs your chance to kick-start your entrepreneurship journey. The qualified candidates can join us by submitting an application to info@cornellacademy.org.